Front Page 2003 Designer
Word Press Designer
Craigslist Designer
Graphics Designer
Pre Pre-Interview Questionnaire

Do you have experience with any of the above?

We need help NOW!

We are in need of a Word Press Pro who can set up and maintain WordPress web sites.

We also have great opportunities for a web design student or for a web designer looking for some part time work.

We are also wanting help with our programs through Twitter and Face Book.

We would be happy to call you with all details and answer any questions you have.  You must fill out the "Pre-Interview Questionnaire Form" below first.

Note: You must start by filling out this "Pre-Interview Questionnaire Form".  No applications will be considered without this Pre-Interview Questionnaire form being filled out first.

If interested, please fill out ALL of the following:

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    Work History

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    Who was your last employer?  

    Why did you leave or are looking to leave?*


    Please check each computer application you know very well:

    Microsoft Word 2007
    Microsoft Excel 2007

    Microsoft Publisher

    Microsoft Power Point

    Microsoft FrontPage 2003


    What are your special skills or talents (What kind of Web work do you like to do)?*  



     What programs to you prefer to program Web Pages with?

    Check all that apply:
    I am looking for work as a -

    Front Page 2003 Designer
Word Press Designer
Craigslist Designer
Graphics Designer

    Please list all the Application Programs you specialize in:



    What would you like to tell us that you have not?


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